Custom Design Size/Turnkey Solution for Private Plane Hangar

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Shelter builds and designs private plane hangar for the aviation industry and airport. With multiple designs, including fabric, aluminum alloy, Shelter can create a structure that is ideal for any airport or hangar. With Shelter you’ll get high-quality buildings through our economical foundation options, quick construction timelines, and turnkey solution.

Features of Private Plane Hangar

Turnkey Solution

Shelter will design and produce the suitable structures depend on your real situation including location, usage, weather, accessories you need and other requirements.
High-Quality Construction
The combination of a hard press aluminum framework enclosed with a heavy-duty PVC cover leads to a virtually maintenance-free modular building, for which we provide a 20-year guarantee.
Flexible Capacity
The aircraft maintenance hangars can be designed as a simple aircraft shelter to accommodate a small private jet or helicopter as well as single or multiple bay facilities with spans of more than 60m.
Designed to withstand extreme wind and snow loads, the semi-permanent hangar offers an excellent working environment, providing the ideal low-cost maintenance base.

private plane hangar - SHELTER-Temporary-Airplane-Hangar-Aircraft-Hangars-Large-Tensioned-Fabric-Structures-for-Sale-7

private plane hangar - SHELTER-Temporary-Airplane-Hangar-Aircraft-Hangars-Large-Tensioned-Fabric-Structures-for-Sale-4

private plane hangar - SHELTER-Temporary-Airplane-Hangar-Aircraft-Hangars-Large-Tensioned-Fabric-Structures-for-Sale-3

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