Tensil Fabric Structure – A New Design For Warehouse

Specifications of Temporary Aircraft Hangar

Width – 18m to 60m (60′ to 200′)
Length – 5m (13′) Modular for Unlimited
Climate – Can be Environmentally Controlled in Any Climate
Frame – Lightweight and Hardpress Aluminum Alloy and High-quality PVC Fabric (UV Resistance, Fire Retardant DIN4102, B1, M2)
Structures – Modular, Expandable, and 100% Relocatable

Benefits of Tensile Fabric Structure

Shelter tensile fabric hangar consists of galvanized aluminum frames covered with waterproof fabric made of PVC. These hangars may be used as permanent shelters or as temporary solutions for material warehouse & maintenance workshop, and they support an array of optional accessories. Following are just a few of the benefits of Shelter structured warehouse building :

Cost control – We’ve been in business for decades and we know the budget is at the forefront of any large fabric structure application. Our hangars are extremely affordable when compared to traditional hangars.

Completely portable – The structure may be relocated as single units or as disassembled components. So you can store in the warehouse for the next time usage.

Large and small sizes – The tensile fabric structure can be built long enough, wide enough and tall enough to accommodate merchandise in any size. One benefit of working with us is that everything is 100% custom.

Climate control – The structure include natural climate controls, and daylight shines through the fabric. Additional environmental control systems may be added at any time.
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tensil fabric structure - SHELTER-Temporary-Airplane-Hangar-Aircraft-Hangars-Large-Tensioned-Fabric-Structures-for-Sale-1

tensil fabric structure - SHELTER-Temporary-Airplane-Hangar-Aircraft-Hangars-Large-Tensioned-Fabric-Structures-for-Sale-10

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