Dia.6m-10m Geodesic Dome House For Social Events

Attractive Geodesic Dome House For Catering, Product Launch & Promotions

Shelter manufacture geodesic dome structures framed with hard pressed aluminum alloy and covered with glass panel or lightweight polycarbonate sheets. The durable, robust and reliable framework allows for the suspension of additional equipment such as lighting, air conditioning sound systems, linen, curtains and etc. As also, you can choose the color of the PC panel or the glass such as transparent, dark green, blue, black and etc. Let along the electric drive windows and the single wing aluminum door, you can also choose to add triangle windows on the top ceiling, folding door to make the geodesic dome house more comfortable and secure.

Size List of Geodesic Dome

Diameter (m) Covering Aera (m2) Frame Material
Cover Material
5 19.63 Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6 (stainless);
Round Net Base (Optional);
Steel Connectors.
Optional Material:
Reinforced glass;
Polycarbonate Panel;
Aluminum Compostie Panel;
Solar Panle.
Triangle Pieces
Optional Color
Dark Gray; Dark Green; Blue; Black,Tailormade color.
Standard Triangle windows on the top ceiling;
Openable windows on the sides;
Electric drive window.s
6 28.26
7 38.48
8 50.24
9 63.59
10 78.50
15 176.6
20 314
25 490.6
30 706.5

geodesic dome house - 6m-glass-dome-house-geo-domes-8m-geodesic-dome-shelter-dome-12_jc

geodesic dome house - 6m-glass-dome-house-geo-domes-8m-geodesic-dome-shelter-dome-13_jc

geodesic dome house - 6m-glass-dome-house-geo-domes-8m-geodesic-dome-shelter-dome-30_jc

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