Shelter Tent Will Be Waiting For Your Visit at the 121st Canton Fair

meet shelter temporary structure manufacturer at the 121st Canton Fair
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Shelter Tent – The Chinese Leading Clearspan Tent Manufacturer is waiting for your visit to the 121st Canton Fair in Guangzhou City, China

The 121st Canton Fair will be opened at 15th, April, 2017 and ended at 5th, May, 2017. Being the same as old tradition, the fair will be divided into three phases. And shlter will be waiting to meet you at Phase 1 and Phase 3 on:

Phase 1:
15th – 19th, April,2017
Hall:11.2 (2nd Floor on Hall 11)
Phase 3:
1st – 5th, May, 2017
Hall:4.2 (2nd Floor on Hall 4)
Booth: C06

Location: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China (map)

Contact US to schedule a visit and seek for cooperation opportunity.

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Top Tent From Professional Clear Marquee Manufacturer

As China’s top tents technical experts, Shelter Tent is dedicated to offer High quality, Fast erected, Extreme weather proof modular marquees to meet your needs.
The aluminum tents that we offer are in the width from 3m to 60m, unlimited length expanded by 3m/5m bays. Shelter has also developed a wide range of tent type to meet different activities, such as Transparent or Opaque Classic “A” Frame and Arched/curve Roof for Wedding reception, party banquet hall, or outdoor social events; Tensile Fabric Roof (TFS Structure) for insoor sports arena, and airplane hangar; Geodesic Dome House for business promotion; Large tent for temporary and semipermanent warehouse building.
They are all proven to be waterproof, stainless, 80-120km/h (80-75 MPH) wind withstand, flame retardant according to EU:DIN4102,B1,M2 / US:NFPA701, and share liferate of 20+ years.

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