Dia.6m – 10m Glass Dome House For Viewing Platform or Lounge

Attractive Glass Dome House for Recreation & Business Promotion

Due to the wholly transparent appearance of the glass dome house, it is mostly used in agricultural cultivation fields such as conservatories & greenhouse, astronomical observation station, resort & leisure facilities, entertaining business such as club, and art gallery. Decorated with glamorous lighting, the transparent glass dome can be seen from miles away, making your event the most attractive and memorable.

Specifications of the Glass Dome House

Framed with hard-pressed aluminum alloy, and connected with hot dip steel components, the glass dome houses gain the advantages of stainless, waterproof, and extreme weather resistance. And the wholly transparent structures has a good performance in light transmission, allowing natural light to shine through.
What’s more, we also offer accessories to help you make things easier. We provide electric drive windows, single wing aluminum door, folding door, curtains, linen, wooden floor.

If you want a larger size of dia.10m-30m, please contact us to custom made one.

glass dome house - 6m-glass-dome-house-geo-domes-8m-geodesic-dome-shelter-dome-3_jc glass dome house - 6m-glass-dome-house-geo-domes-8m-geodesic-dome-shelter-dome-3_ glass-dome-house-geo-domes-8m-geodesic-dome-shelter-dome-17_jc

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