Temporary Structure for International Sports Championship

Shelter Fully Supported Wuhan Women’s Tennis Association By Offering Temporary Structure for All kinds of Usages

This Open is the first match for the WTA(Women’s Tennis Association) in China. The sponsor devotes much attention to the quality of the competition halls and ancillary facilities. Owning the outstanding qualities of tents, We successfully become the sole tents supplier for this top international tennis games. We mainly offer double decker tent for outdoor resturant .

We offer various of tents occupying totally 3000sqm, including 1 set of 20*60m double decker tent as VIP dining hall, 1 set of 15*40m tent as staffs dining hall, 1 set of 15*20m tent used for security check, 22 sets of 5*5m pagoda tents used for dining, 11 sets of 3*3m pagoda tents as convenient stores and resting rooms, 1 set of 10*10m tent used for licensed products sale, and 1 set of 10*15m tent.

The 20*60m double decker tent we offer this time is with inflatable flat roof, ABS walls, glass walls and a long balcony with railings on the second floor. This perfect design achieves all of the safety, function and beauty. Thus the new style tent and others offer this Open both the perfect room solution for logistics service and beautiful scenes.


(Double Decker Tent 20*60m as VIP dining hall)



(Double Decker Tent 20*60m as VIP Loundge hall)


(Inside of 1st floor in Double Decker Tent 20*60m)


(Inside of 2nd floor in Double Decker Tent 20*60m)



(Tent 20*15m used for security entrance)



(Pagoda Tents)



(Pagoda Tents for Souvenir Store)


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